Hey there. You probably reached this page because you came to the end of the posted comic. It's on hiatus from Sept 16 of 2016 until January of 2017. Then we'll be back. Promise!

If you'd like to get monthly new stories about these characters, support us on Patreon. Abbie does a weekly podcast (audio) update and writes a monthly short story about one of her characters. Patrons vote on which one.

If you'd prefer to just buy the comic, the PDF of Issue #0 is for sale in the online store for $1.99. It's also available in Comixology, or you can buy it in paper from CreateSpace or Amazon.

If you're interested in the Cowry Catchers ebooks, sign up for Abbie's Starter Library. She'll send you the first two books in the series for free, along with other introductory novels and short stories. The individual novels include beautiful illustrations.