Cowry Catchers Audio - 156 Hours

I've logged 156 hours on the Cowry Catchers Book 5 audio, and I just finished the voice track for the first half + the rough cut of the entire book. Yay!!!!

What is the rough cut, you ask? To me, the rough cut is all of my narration, plus as many voice actors as I can induce to send me lines.

The voice track for the first half is completely finished (eee!!) and ready for scoring. (When I say "scoring," I mean adding music and sound effects. I know that's not quite correct usage, since I'm not writing original music, but I don't know of a better word for that task.)

The 2nd half lacks most of the lines from Gerard and Silveo + a handful of retakes and 2 important secondary characters near the end. But the bulk of it is done. Editing the voice track, and particularly my narration, is always the most tedious and time-consuming aspect of a fullcast production. Here is how the time breaks down so far:

 21 hours and 12 minutes: Recording
 26 hours and 13 minutes: Marking lines/ Communicating with VA
108 hours and 35 minutes: Voice Track


In case you missed it in my previous post - the release date for this book will be Jan 10. :)