Cowry Catchers Audio - 202 Hours

If you've been paying attention, you know that the 5th and final book in the Cowry Catchers series went live on the Cowry Catchers podcast on Jan 10th. :) Does this mean I'm done with the audio? Oh nooooo....

Today, I finished scoring the first half, though, and I crossed the 200 hour mark in time spent on this audio book. Yay!!!! The book is 13 episodes long. However, the first 6 eps are longer than the final 7, so the end of episode 6 is almost exactly halfway. Here's how the episodes stand right now -

Episodes 1-3 - finished and cued
Episodes 4-6 - scored, awaiting outros and cuing
Episodes 7-9 - rough cut of voice track finished. I just (as in today) got the last of the lines for these, so need finishing touches on voice track and then scored.
Episodes 10-13 - rough cut of voice track finished. Awaiting lines from a few voice actors and then scoring.

I actually have all the voice actor lines at this point except Nate's, Norm's, and one little bit part. However, I still need to put some of the others into the audio, so I don't know for sure whether I'll need retakes from a few more people. Additionally, I've finished the rough-cuts (before music) of all the outros, which speeds things up at the end.

I'm thinking there will be a hiatus mid-book after episode 6 to allow me (and Nate and Norm) to catch up. I think it will be 1-2 weeks long. No more than that, barring voice actor meltdown...or producer meltdown.

Here's how the time breaks down so far (hours:minutes). Once again, for reference, this is a 70K book -

21:32 - Recording
27:13 - Marking lines/Communicating with Voice Actors
112:55 - Voice Track
32:30 - Scoring
7:55 - Final Pass Edit/Outros/tags/Conversion/Show Notes/Art
202:05 - Total

I know that last category looks like a lot of stuff lumped together, but I often multi-task for those items. I do several of them at once, so I can't really tweeze it apart.

If you're listening to the podcast, I hope you're enjoying it. If you're considering fullcast audio production, I hope my little break-downs are instructive.