Balticon Panel for Cowry Catchers Fans

I'm reading through the list of Balticon panels sent by Patrick Scaffido, and I came upon this one:

Cowry Catchers Support Group - Cowry Catchers has completed its years-long podcast run. Let's remember the wonderful things it brought us and say farewell (but not goodbye) to this wonderful podcast series. Panelists: Abigail Hilton, Nathan Lowell, Norm Sherman

LOL. I did not know this was a thing. Guess I better have the podcast done by then...

So, hey, if you're coming to Balticon, you should come this panel! And if you have ever made dolls of my characters or considered dressing as one, this would be the time and place to bring it/do it. You could get pictures of your creation with some of the voice actors. :) You could also get your books signed by the voice actors, which would be pretty cool.