Cowry Catchers Complete Series Available on!


Cowry Catchers re-mastered audio is finally live!!

I've spent most of my 30's working on this project, so I'm super-excited to complete this step. Unlike Prophet, Cowry Catchers had fairly extensive re-mastering before uploading to ACX. You would definitely notice if you listened to the podcast and audiobook back-to-back, although you probably won't notice if it's been a while since you listened to the podcast.

Only a handful of lines were actually re-recorded. Mostly, the touch-up involved noise-removal, a little added music, and adjustments to the levels of music and sound effects. Books 1-2 needed the most touch-up. Book 3 also had a fair amount of remastering. Books 4 and 5 are pretty much as they were.

In addition, Audible requires that each chapter fade to complete silence at the beginning and end. This is an obvious problem for musical bridges and certain kinds of sound effects, so I spent many hours editing the files so that they can fade up and down between chapters without being too disruptive.

The voice actors were paid, and all the music was licensed.

The audio book is the entire 5-book series as a single download with no intros, outros, or story-so-far's. It's 32 hours long. Audible has priced it at $29.95 for non-members. If you're a member, it's on sale for $15, and of course you can get it with a single credit (about $12). I think you also get a discount if you go through Amazon. iTunes has it listed for $26.95. Links at the top.

You can only review an title if you own it. So if you purchase Cowry Catchers, please considering leaving a review. listeners pay attention to those reviews for hints about the quality of the listening experience in addition to the story itself.

I hope those of you who get to hear this version find it shiny, fluffy, cuddly, and sharp.