Hello, listners and readers.

I've been pretty quiet for the first quarter of the year, haven't I? Well, it's not because I'm not working on art and stories. We've fixed some problems with the Cowry Catchers artbook cover, and I've order our first hardback proof. Eep! Albatross is with its first round of beta readers. Jager Thunder is still half finished. I've been busy at work in Oregon for a lot of the first quarter of the year, but I'm taking most of April and May off and expect to finish Jager during the coming two months. Hunters Unlucky is just getting into Part 4 in the Worlds of Abigail Hilton Podcast. The free audio wraps up in July. This is an epic-length story, so if you want to get Hunters in podcast form, jump on board now!

All of that is exciting, but it's stuff you already know about. Here's something you don't know if you're not on my mailing list. Rah and I are looking at making a comic! I have wanted to be involved in a comic pretty much since I started telling stories, but I always figured it would be too expensive. I talked to Rah about it recently, and we can definitely make this happen if we don't get too elaborate right out of the gate. We're going to start slowly and simply (black & white, every other week).

We've chosen the short story "Professionals" as a test run. Assuming tests go well, we'll start into one of the epics after that. Or we might do one more short story first. We'll see. The comic will be free online, and I'll probably do periodic paper versions.

People on my mailing list found out about this several days ago, and I asked them to vote on which epic and short story they would most like to see turned into a comic. If you would like to be in these kind of updates and voting options, sign up for my mailing list. I won't drown you in emails, and you'll never get anything that's not related to my stories.

My polling service, surveymonkey, allows up to 100 votes per poll. I have a few votes remaining on this poll, and nothing is winning by a landslide, so I'm putting this out for a few more votes. Which of my epics would you most like to see turned into a comic? Also, if we do another short story, which of those would you most like to see as a comic? Here's the survey. Go vote!