Content Warning

Cowry Catchers and related stories contain mature content--sex, violence, characters of all orientations. This comic is for grown-ups only. If you need to ask whether you will be offended, you probably will.


Fifteen-year-old Silveo staggers home after an ill-advised assassination attempt against the Maijhan prince, Leopaard. Silveo is not handling the experience well, and he’s not sure how his mentor, Malpin, will receive him. Things don’t get any easier when it turns out that Malpin is entertaining a lady.

"Professionals" is a short story about characters from The Guild of the Cowry Catchers series--a dark, nautical fantasy, set in the world of Panamindorah. The story takes place 14 years before the main events of Cowry Catchers. Rah and I are using "Professionals" as a test run before starting into the main epic.

How often does the comic update?

Currently, it's every other week on Sunday.

I want to see updates more often! And in Color!

We'll do that if we hit Milestone Goals on Patreon. If you've got a few extra dollars a month, you can help make it happen.

Who is the artist?

Sarah (Rah) Cloutier. She is also Abbie's cover artist, the illustrator for the original Cowry Catchers books and for the Feeding Malachi books. Rah was one of the artists for a comic called Metanoia many years ago. Some of you may know her from there.

Does this story exist in other forms?

Cowry Catchers was a series of illustrated novels, a series of podcasts, and a full length audio book before it became a comic. "Professionals" also exists in these forms. Go here to learn more.

Will there be a paper version of the comic?

Yes. The Pavonine Books team has produced many paper books, and we were able to experiment with color while creating the Cowry Catchers Art Book.

I want to see adorable Silveo chibis!

Go to the Patreon page and scroll down to the donors levels. :)

More questions?

You can contact me at abigail dot hilton at gmail dot com or on any of the social media platforms below.