Hi, there. I'm Abbie. Thanks for stopping by my website.

I’ve been writing fantasy novels for decades. I love stories with strong redemptive arcs and complex, shades-of-gray characters. My fiction usually includes some talking animals, lots of weird biology, and often some LGBT characters.

In 2008, I started podcasting my stories as serialized audio books. I solo-read the Prophet of Panamindorah trilogy, and you can still listen to it on Podiobooks.com.

I became more ambitious with my next series, The Guild of the Cowry Catchers. I produced those 5 books in fullcast audio, with forty voice actors, music and sound effects. I also commissioned illustrations for each podcast episode. My primary artist is Sarah (Rah) Cloutier. 

Cowry Catchers was tremendously labor-intensive, but also incredibly rewarding. I got to work with talented voice actors and artists, and I built a wonderful group of fans. The project took 5 years and finished in 2014. The whole series was released for free, and you can listen to Cowry Catchers on Podiobooks.com. You can also see many illustrations that Rah has created for my stories in numerous styles on Tumblr and Pinterest. The complete set of Cowry Catchers illustrations is available in the Art of Cowry Catchers art book in hardcover and digital versions.

While I was doing all this, the ebook revolution hit. I learned to produce illustrated ebooks, paper books, and pro-level audio versions for Audible.com. The version of Cowry Catchers on Audible has been remastered and sounds a lot better than the podcast.

I have continued to podcast samples of my fiction and updates about my writing on the Worlds of Abigail Hilton Podcast. In addition, I have continued to work with my artist on illustrated projects. We've been releasing Cowry Catchers as a semi-weekly (every other week) webcomic. The comic is supported by Patreon. Starting in January of 2016, I began writing a short story each month for the Patreon donors about the character of their choice. You can vote and receive the text of these stories for just $1 per month. You can receive the audio as well for $3 per month.