If you’re interested in the Cowry Catchers/ Refugees Saga, my suggested reading order is:

  • The Guild of the Cowry Catchers (available as 5 individual books or the complete series volume)

  • The Cowry Catchers Art Book (if you like art)

  • Secret Things (short story collection)

  • The Scarlet Albatross

  • When We Were Young (short story collection)

  • Jager Thunder

  • Before the Wind (short story collection)

You could also begin with The Scarlet Albatross and circle back around.

Additionally, you could read The Prophet of Panamindorah before or after reading the Cowry Catchers/ Refugees Saga. Prophet occurs in the same world, but in a distant time and place. The first short story collection, Crossroads, is related to the Prophet characters.

I think my other series are self-explanatory, but if you have questions, please email me! abigail dot hilton at gmail dot com