Crossroads - Short Stories from Panamindorah, Volume 1 eBook


Crossroads - Short Stories from Panamindorah, Volume 1 eBook


In the world of Panamindorah, fauns build castles, cats raise armies, and wolflings craft legendary weapons. It is a world of magic and shape-shifters, inhabited by griffins, pegasus, and centaurs. Sometimes they live in harmony. Sometimes they wear each other’s pelts.

Crossroads is a collection of six stories. These stories tie into two series of novels, The Prophet of Panamindorah and The Guild of the Cowry Catchers. Whether you’re a fan of the books or a newcomer, these tales of devotion, betrayal, love, and lust will entertain and surprise you. These are stories of characters at crossroads in their lives, making decisions that define them. Stories included are:

A Cat Prince Distinguishes Himself

On the Edge



Night in the Crystal City (explicit)

Professionals (not explicit, but not for children)

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