Eve and Malachi Complete Series eBook

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malachi box set_x2500.jpg

Eve and Malachi Complete Series eBook


Eve is an inquisitive baby rat who regularly escapes from her cage. One night she meets a strange creature in a glass tank across the room—a boa constrictor named Malachi. The snake is amused by Eve’s questions, and he awes her with stories of the wilds where he was caught. What will happen to their fragile friendship when Eve discovers what Malachi eats? Can they devise a solution that will save both Malachi and Eve’s family of rats?

This is the complete, 6-book Eve and Malachi Series. The books are:

Feeding Malachi
Malachi and the Ghost Kitten
Malachi and the Deadly Pool
Malachi and the Secret Menagerie
Malachi and the Twilight Zoo
Malachi and the Dragon

These creepy children's books are divided into short chapters. The stories have a few scary moments, but also happy endings. This collection includes illustrations for the first two books, but not the last four.

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