eBook and Life Update

Well, I passed 1000 eBooks days ago and am now at 1048. :) While the feeding frenzy on my free title has died down a bit (it's now at #494 overall in free and #13 in "Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Magic"), sales have stayed up. Previous to Amazon's promotional, I was selling about 5 books/day. Ever since, I've been selling over 12 books/day, and that's been steady, not stop-and-go.

When I talk about how many books I'm selling, it's worth mentioning that this is across 7 different titles - 2 books in the Prophet trilogy (the first is free), the entire trilogy as a single volume, Crossroads (the short story collection), and the first 3 books of Cowry Catchers. Price points range from $0.99 to $4.99, so my best-selling titles don't always make the most money.

I have just as many books sitting on my harddrive that I'm dying to release, but I won't release something that's not ready, but they're all at various points in the process. Not ready yet.

In real life, I'm about to start an adventure. I've signed with an agency to do locums work. "Locum tenens" is Latin commonly used in medical job listings. It literally means "place holder." It's travel work. It pays well because most people don't want to live out of a suitcase. Hospitals hire locums people for 2 common reasons: either because they can't get enough permanent people (making it a relatively long-term assignment that could last for months) or because a permanent person needs some time off due to vacation, maternity leave, or illness (making it a relatively short-term assignment that will probably last for a few weeks to a month).

I've said for years that I wanted to work part-time and write. However, school loans make it difficult to do this. They necessitate a fulltime anesthesia salary. If I can get out from under those loans, I'll have time to write more books while enjoying a more laid back existence. Additionally, if I find that I like travel work, it offers the opportunity to work for a few months and then take a month off year-round. That's attractive. Also, I like adventures. :)

If you want to know where I'm at, just watch here and Twitter and FB. I'll try to arrange a meet-up if you want to see me or get a book signed. I won't announce my location until I'm there, however. These jobs can fall-through or change very quickly.