eBook update and Cover Art for Feeding Malachi

So, I have this 6,000-word children's chapter-picture book called Feeding Malachi which I almost sold to Arthur Levine ye these many moons ago (2007/2008). It was the closest I ever came to selling a book to a traditional publisher. The editor manifested nothing but interest from query letter to partial to full, and then...nothing. I found out later that the editor had moved to another job. I sent several requests for updates, but the new editor did not even give me the courtesy of a form rejection. I just never heard from them again. That was one of several experiences that ended my querying days.

Now, here we are in the brave new world of self-publishing, but children's picture books are still a tough sell as a self-pub. Early-reader chapter books are always kind of an awkward pitch. After kicking around ideas for several years, I finally had Rah illustrate Malachi with adorable ink drawings that I think will look good on a Kindle. I have no idea how this will go over with buyers. Poorly, I suspect, at least at first. But I believe the hour of the children's eBook is coming.

The illustrations have been finished for months, but I've been waiting on a cover. She finally got it done. Yay! So shiny. :) Now, it just needs to be lettered.

I'll post a real teaser when I have a real buy-link, but here's the cover art for those who are interested. Click to enlarge:

Also, for those who are curious, here are my stats of Books sold:

  • Dec: 36
  • Jan: 31
  • Feb: 88
  • March: 271
  • April: 180
  • May: 352
  • June: 359
  • July: 363

Total is about 1,700 if you count books sold this month.