Email Alerts for New Books

Whenever I release something new, I send out an alert on twitter and facebook. I'll eventually talk about it on the podcast, and I usually make an announcement here as well. However, I know that sometimes, people who'd like to hear about my stories don't see those announcements. They fly by on a busy day, drop off people's walls or twitter streams, and people just don't notice.

So, I'm compiling a mailing list. I've been resistant to this idea in the past, because direct email seems spammy to me. However, I personally subscribe to email updates for a number of my favorite authors, and I never feel spammed when they tell me about a new book, so I guess it can be a good thing.

The only time I'll use this list is when I release something new. Whether the new content is text or audio, free or paid, adult, young adult, or children’s stories, you’ll get an email about it if you stay subscribed. I doubt you'll get more than a few emails per year, and it's easy to unsubscribe.

The subscription sign up is on the right. Thanks so much for supporting my work!