Cowry Catchers in Paper! And How to get 25% Off


Paper versions of the Cowry Catchers books are here! They’re on Amazon, and they’ve been linked to the ebook listings. You can toggle between the two versions.

If you want a 25% discount on paper books anytime between now and March 5, sign up for my mailing list. I use it to let people know when I have new material available. If you think you're on the mailing list, but you did not get an email with a coupon code for 25% off the paper versions, check your spam folder. If you don't find the email, let me know. If you sign up for the mailing list anytime before March 5, you'll get a welcome email with the coupon code.

Paper versions of the Prophet of Panamindorah books are also in the works, along with Crossroads and (hopefully) Feeding Malachi. Malachi is the only paper book that I'm attempting to produce with illustrations. We'll see how that goes.