Survey for the Podcast Audience + Sketches for Artbook

Hey, guys!

First of all, I have some important questions for listeners of the podcast, reguarding the direction you would like the podcast to go. I talked about it in the podcast episode I just posted, so maybe listen to that first. If you're interested in the content of the podcast, please follow the link and vote. If the survey fills up, you can respond in the forums, but please please don't do that unless the survey is full and won't admit more responses.

Secondly, I thought you all might enjoy the new sketches for 2 of the additional illustrations for the art book. As I predicted, Rah altered the composition for a couple of them. The first is Thess meeting Silveo (one of the illos you folks chose by vote), and the second is Gerard finding Silveo with the hunti. There are two versions of that second one, and I chose "A" (that's the illo that I personally commissed even though it wasn't one of the top 3, so I felt that I got to pick which version.)