Store FAQ

I bought a eBook or other content from your store and the download failed or I forgot to grab the book before the grace period ended. Help!

No worries. Email me: abigail dot hilton at gmail dot com, and I will sort it out.

I "bought" a free item from you store, but I still had to enter my mailing address at checkout. I also saw phone number and credit card fields. Why?

Unfortunately, Squarespace does not have a special form for free stuff. I would disable these fields if I could, but I can't. I have noticed that you can just skip the phone number and of course you can skip the credit card fields, but it won't let you skip the mailing address. You could make something up? Whether you're downloading free or paid items, I never share your information with any third party. I don't even save your information.

Who is A. H. Lee and why are her titles in your store?

A. H. Lee is my steamy romance pen name. If you like erotic romance in a fantasy setting, check them out. Like my other books for grown ups, they feature both LGBT and straight characters and relationships. You can get signed A. H. Lee paper books in my paper book store. Links to all my books (including my pen name) are here on my website.

Why do you have a store on your website? Aren't your ebooks on Amazon, iBooks, BN, Kobo, etc?

Yes. However, some people don't like the large platforms for various reasons, and I want to give those people choices. In addition, I can sell or give away some unusual things on my website, like the Art of Cowry Catchers ebook (huge file) and the complete out-takes audio. Occasionally I also open the store for signed paper books when I'm available to ship them.

On which platform do you make the most money?

People do ask this question sometimes, and it's very kind of you. The ebooks on my site cost the same as those on other platforms. I do get to keep a little more of the money if you buy them here. However, I prefer that you buy them at whatever retailer you like best. If you have no preference, then, yes, I make money if you buy them here.

Are all your books in the store?

No. Sometimes, some of my books are in Kindle Select, and that means they're exclusive on Amazon. However, when possible, they're also available here. I do try to avoid repetition in my own store, so instead of all 5 Cowry Catchers novels, I only listed the complete series. Same with my other series and short story collections.

Where and how will you ship physical books, and how much does it cost?

  • USA, USPS Priority Mail - $6 per order, plus $2 per item

  • Canada, First Class Mail - $18 per order, plus $6.50 per item

  • UK, First Class Mail - $25 per order, plus $6.50 per item

  • Australia, First Class Mail - $30 per order, plus $6.50 per item

It's really expensive to get things across oceans and continents. These are the prices I came up with after doing some estimates at the post office. Please do not ask me to ship things media mail. These are premium books. I'm not shipping them without insurance and tracking. If you want the cheapest option, go to Amazon.

I live in Europe, and you didn't list a shipping option for my country!

Stripe (my credit card processor) accepts bank accounts in most of Europe. In addition, my store now accepts Paypal. I could do shipping estimates and add options for other European countries. Email me, I'll work on it. abigail dot hilton at gmail dot com

I live somewhere besides Europe, and you didn't list a shipping option for my country!

If you can use Paypal and you're willing to pay what it costs to get a book across an ocean or a continent, we can probably work something out. Email me abigail dot hilton at gmail dot com

I don't see any physical books in the store. Why?

I open the store for physical orders during times when I am available to fill them. During other times, only digital items are available. I'll try to list current/future order periods at the top of the page.

I don't have much money, but I really really want a signed book.

You are in the market for a Mystery Discount Book! These are copies that are not quite perfect--proof copies, books with minor defects, earlier editions, designs that we tweaked, that sort of thing. Look for the peacock logo silhouette at the bottom of the order page to see if any are available. If it's not there, or the link above is broken, I don't have any right now.