New Formats

Hello, readers.


I have begun the process of moving the audio versions of "Chemistry" and "The Secret" to Audible via ACX. That means that they won't be available anywhere for a couple of weeks while ACX does quality control checks.
The rectangular editions that you see on Amazon are text-only. This is the first time "The Secret" has been available text-only, and it's now $2.99 instead of $4.99. It's also available on Kobo and BN for the first time, in addition to Amazon and Smashwords.
In addition, I've added an ebook called Secret Things: Short Stories from Panamindorah, Volume 2 (the cover you see above). This collection includes the text of all 4 of the Cowry Catchers stories (Sky Dance, Professionals, Chemistry, and The Secret). It's $4.99. It's available on Amazon and all the other places.
I have also uploaded an audio version of the collection to ACX. It includes the fullcast version of "Professionals," along with the audio for all three novellettes. I don't know yet where they'll price it. Like the 2 individual stories, the audio is still in QC and won't be available for a week or two.

Finally, I have been working hard all year to get my books directly into iBooks, and I'm almost done. All but four of my titles are now available there, and the books are coming directly from me, not through Smashwords. This gives me a lot more control and allows me to make changes more quickly. iBooks is not an easy interface, but I think it will be worth my trouble, as people have asked about iBooks on many occations in the past.

I was going to wait to make this announcement until the audio for the new Audible titles had been processed and the last of my books had passed QC on iBooks. However, a few people are getting confused, looking for the audio for "The Secret" and not finding it, or buying the text-only version thinking they're buying the audio. I figured I'd better say something. If you bought the text-only ebook thinking you were buying the audio, shoot me an email, and I'll get it straightened out. abigail dot hilton at gmail dot com