Art Book! Signed books!

In January of 2007, Abigail Hilton emailed an artist she had never met to commission a few illustrations for a story she hadn't finished. The artist was Sarah (Rah) Cloutier. The story was The Guild of the Cowry Catchers. Over the next seven years, Cowry Catchers grew to a five-book series and became a fullcast audio production, involving forty voice actors and music from many musicians. The story was released first as a podcast, then as an audio book. It was also beautifully illustrated. Some of the illustrations were made available online and in the ebooks, though never in high resolution. Other images are released for the first time here. A few pieces were created specifically for this book, such as a full character lineup and a lavish set of paper dolls. Enjoy!

I am delighted to announce that the Cowry Catchers premium hardcover art book is finished and available for purchase!

Amazon Hardback

Signed Hardback (me and Rah)


The art book includes several illustrations that you folks voted on back in August and Sept of 2014. 

I am also excited to present the online store (the link is in the main menu above if you're looking later). The store is for ordering signed books. In addition, I can sell large digital files, like the PDF of the art book.

The store will have limited order periods for physical goods. The current on is April 22 - May 6th. Books will be shipped between May 23 and May 29th. I'll probably have another order period in June.

I have created a FAQ for the store with details about shipping costs and other countries. Please read the FAQ if you have questions and then email me if I haven't answered them.

If anything about the check-out process is confusing, please let me know. This is my first time using Square Space's Stripe service, but so far I've been impressed. Set-up was much easier than the plug-ins I used back in my Wordpress days. If you have a problem with your order, please don't panic. Just email me. I will get it sorted.

If you purchase the hardback version of the Art Book, either on Amazon or from my website, I will give you the PDF for free if you send me a photo of yourself holding the hardcover. :) The paperdolls are meant to be scanned and printed on cardstock. However, you'll save yourself a step if you just print them from the PDF.

If you buy only the digital version of the Art Book, be aware that the download code is good for 24 hours, so grab it before then.

I hope you enjoy the art book!