First Post on the new Blog

I'll assume that if you found my blog, you already know me (at least a little bit), and you're cruising around my new website. I've been needing to make one for a long time. My site was woefully outdated. I've been blogging for years on Livejournal, but have become inactive over there since the advent of Twitter and Facebook. I've been wanting somewhere to make longer posts that's search-able and RSS-friendly, where people also have links to all my projects.

So, Welcome!

I plan to update at least once a week. If you really want to see my daily activity, follow me on twitter or friend me on facebook. I'll use this blog for analysis about my various writing projects, along with the occational essay on anesthesia.

I encourage you to click on the RSS link and add me to your feedreader if you do that sort of thing.