Votes are in on the Comic

Check out the snazzy new website, guys! I've been working hard on it for the last few days.

In other news, you have told me your wishes in regards to the comic. Results:

Which of my epics would you most like to see turned into a comic?

  • Cowry Catchers – 51%
  • Prophet of Panamindorah – 27%
  • Hunters Unlucky – 22%

 Which of my short stories would you most like to see turned into a comic? (Not counting "Professionals," since we're doing that one already.)

  •  Sky Dance – 41%
  • A Cat Prince Distinguishes Himself – 19%
  • The Secret – 13%
  • Chemistry – 11%
  • Night in the Crystal City – 10%
  • Hualien – 4%
  • On the Edge – 2%
  • Distraction – 0

That's what you voted, so that's what Rah and I are planning. Project updates: I JUST (as in just a few minutes ago) got the first hardback proof of the Cowry Catchers Art Book in the mail, and it is beautiful!!! All of our hard work paid off, and I am totally pleased. At first glance, there are no gross errors. Color quality is substantially better than Create Space. I'll pass it around to my artist and designer, and I'll go through it myself with a more critical eye. I'm guessing we'll tweak a few things, but I can't imagine that we'll need more than one more pass. The book is 95% done. I think we could put it on sale right now without being embarrassed.

I am working on Jager Thunder again, got unstuck from some plot elements that were giving me grief. Hunters Unlucky is rolling along in the podcast. Albatross is still out to beta readers. And I am working on a super sekrit Patreon page related to the comic and podcast. There's some art associated with it, and the art is terribly cute!! I can't wait to show you. But not yet. Not quite yet.