New Stories for 2016 and a Summary of Perks from 2015

I'm doing short stories again! One for each month this year for the Patreon donors. I've already released the first one. It's about Dakar. You can read it and upcoming stories for $1 per month, and you can vote on which character I'll write about next (the next survey is already up). You can listen to the audio of the stories for $3 per month.

My Patreon has been going since May, and it has accumulated quite a few rewards that you may not be aware of. Even donors might have missed some of these. Patreon's stream can be a little confusing, especially as you go further back it time. Here's a list and quick links.

$1+ Donors

$3+ Donors

$5+ Donor

$10+ Donors 

$20 Donors

These rewards stay in the feed until I take them down, so if you donate at these levels, you get all that stuff, plus upcoming rewards. If you are a donor and haven't been receiving emails about these rewards, check your spam settings. You might be missing out.

That's it for now. The Scarlet Albatross ebook will be coming as soon as I get the last of the cover art. We've got around 18 of 60 chapters of the audio book complete. I'm 120,000 words into Jager Thunder with probably another 30K to go. The paper version of the Comic Issue 0 will be along any day now. The digital version is already available.