The Scarlet Albatross Audio Book is Here!

You can now purchase The Scarlet Albatross audio book from or iTunes. This is Book 1 in the Refugees trilogy, which is the next series involving the Cowry Catchers characters. If you want to keep reading about Gerard and Silveo, this book is for you! The Scarlet Albatross is narrated by Lauren Harris and Rish Outfield, and they are the next-best thing to a fullcast.

If you've already read or listened to Albatross,  you might enjoy the related short story, "Taking Tricks," narrated by Rish. This is a story about Silas as a teenager, when he was still gambling for his breakfast. The text/audio bundle is available exclusively in my store or through Patreon, where I'm creating monthly short stories for donors.

Last week, I finished Jager Thunder, which is Book 2 in the Refugees series. This is a big, complex book, in which the entire casts of Cowry Catchers and Albatross collide amidst massive social and political upheaval. I'm embarrassed to say that I've been working on this book for a year and a half, which is a long time for me. However, I think you'll enjoy the results.

Right now, Jager is resting, and I'm working on the next Patreon short story, which is about Gerard. A big thank you to all the Cowry Catchers fans who have waited patiently for the next story involving these characters and their world. Welcome back, and welcome aboard!