Awake - a Hunters Unlucky Story

Keesha is woken from his winter torpor by a surprising visitor to the Dreaming Sea. His old enemy, Arcove, has a problem, and he needs Keesha's help.

"Awake" is a cross-over story between the novel Hunters Unlucky and the Prophet of Panamindorah series. You should probably read Hunters before reading "Awake," but you don't need to have read Prophet.

You can purchase the text and audio bundle on my website for $2.99 (payments through Paypal or Stripe). The zip file includes the ebook in Mobi, ePub, and PDF, as well as the audio in MP3. The audio version is professionally narrated by Rish Outfield (same narrated as the Hunters audio book, so all the characters have their voices!). It is about an hour long.

You can also get all these things and more by subscribing to my Patreon at the $3 level -

Important: This is a temporary release! When I submit the audio version to in a few weeks, it'll get pulled from my site and Patreon. This is an opportunity for people who don't use Audible to get the story.