Well, we made it, guys. Congratulations. 2017 was a rough year for a lot of people. My family dealt with unforeseen, life-threatening illness. I had to have a number of medical procedures, including surgery (not life-threatening, but still scary and expensive). My close friends lost jobs and long-term relationships. The news became an unending stream of nerve-wracking headlines. I had to move in a rush when my apartments were sold to a company that began remodeling the building around me.

It was not a good year. 

Maybe that's why I wrote so much - 235,058 words. That's 52,365 more than in any previous year since I've been keeping records.

What I Wrote

I launched a new pen name (A. H. Lee) with a 3-book series (The Incubus Series) and added a 4th book before the year ended. All together, I wrote 2 novels (Incubus Bonded and Incubus Dreaming), 1 novella (Incubus Yule), 2 children's books (Malachi and the Twilight Zoo and Malachi and the Dragon), and 6 short stories (Save Yourself, Water in the Desert, Blockade Runner, Fly, Adagio, and Missed You). I wrapped up the Eve and Malachi series with Book 6, although none of the last 4 books are published yet. I also wrote a number of segments of the choose-your-own-adventure zombie story. I started a stand-alone Christmas Werewolf story that I'll finish before next Christmas.

What I Published

  • Jager Thunder in ebook, paper, and audio.
  • Incubus Caged (Book 1) in ebook, paper, and audio
  • Incubus Bonded and Incubus Dreaming (Books 2 and 3) in ebook and paper
  • Incubus Yule (Book 4) in ebook
  • I released all but one of the short stories above to my Patreon, as well as segments of the zombie story

What I'm Publishing Next

  • Eve and Malachi complete series in ebook and audio, possibly paper
  • Incubus Bonded in audio
  • Incubus Yule in paper
  • Short Stories from Panamindorah Volume 4 in ebook, paper, and audio

What I'm Writing Next

  • The Cormorant (Refugees Book 3)

What I Might Write After That

  • Incubus Hunting (Tod and Yuli - Book 5)
  • Incubus War (Lucy and Jacob - Book 6)
  • Another A. H. Lee book that's not Incubus Series
  • Christmas Werewolf Book

Personal Goals

  • Listen to fewer podcasts and more novels
  • Travel for reasons other than work
  • Leave the house at least once a day when I'm writing

I hope 2018 is kinder to all of us. But whether it is or it isn't, I'll still keep writing books. Happy New Year!