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While the crew of the Scarlet Albatross struggles to survive her harrowing voyage, Gerard is busy keeping his promise to his father. He and Silveo return to Holovarus for a brief farewell visit. However, chaos is threatening to overwhelm the Great Islands, and even little Holovarus will not be spared. Gerard’s father and brother are facing difficult decisions, and they need help. Gerard feels torn between his old kingdom and his new family. The situation only grows more complicated when the crew of the Scarlet Albatross limps into port, bringing old enemies and a child Silveo didn’t know existed.

Jager Thunder is a sequel to both The Scarlet Albatross and The Guild of the Cowry Catchers. You may still be able to enjoy Jager if you’ve read only Albatross. However, the story will mean more if you have read Cowry Catchers as well.


I'm really excited to finally bring you this book! It goes live on April 11. If you pre-order, it'll land on your Kindle the instant it goes live. Here are the answers to some questions you might ask:

When will the audio book be available?

Probably July for Rish and Lauren (the same voice actors who performed Albatross) will be recording Jager. Patreon donors at the $3+ level will start seeing episodes by May, possibly even April. I plan to release the book on Patreon as the audio gets finished.

When will the paper book be available?

Possibly by the time the ebook goes live! We'll see.

I loved Cowry Catchers, and I want more Gerard and Silveo. Do I really need to read The Scarlet Albatross to read Jager?

Hey, you can read my books any way you like. However, if you want the second half of Jager to make the most sense, yes, you need to read Albatross. You'll like it. Trust me.

Will the ebook be available outside Amazon?

Yes! I will be putting it up on Smashwords, iBooks, Kobo, BN, and my own store the day it goes live on Amazon (it might take a day or two to go live in those other places). Sorry, this means it won't be in Kindle Unlimited (if it's there, it can't be anywhere else).

I'm planning all kinds of fun stuff in the run-up to Jager Thunder, so stay tuned.