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While the crew of the Scarlet Albatross struggles to survive her harrowing voyage, Gerard is busy keeping his promise to his father. He and Silveo return to Holovarus for a brief farewell visit. However, chaos is threatening to overwhelm the Great Islands, and even little Holovarus will not be spared. Gerard’s father and brother are facing difficult decisions, and they need help. Gerard feels torn between his old kingdom and his new family. The situation only grows more complicated when the crew of the Scarlet Albatross limps into port, bringing old enemies and a child Silveo didn’t know existed.

Jager Thunder is a sequel to both The Scarlet Albatross and The Guild of the Cowry Catchers.


Guys, I've released a lot of new stuff lately, and I haven't mentioned it all on the blog. I just updated my "New Releases" section, so click on over there for more info. If you're a Hunters Unlucky fan, you'll want to check out "Awake." If you enjoy Rish Outfield's narrations, you owe it to yourself to hear his audio versions of the Eve and Malachi Books. And the short story collection When We Were Young is a great want to revisit your favorite characters from Cowry Catchers and Albatross.